History of LED

Today, LEDs have been successfully used in our different areas where this latest technology of lights are spreading brighter and enhancing lights in our living and working places.

The concept of LED technology was given by a British scientist named as Henry J. Round in 1907 when he discovered a combination of the physical effect of electroluminescent, an electrical and optical occurrence. According to this effect; a substance emits light when the electric current passes all the way through a strong electric field. Thus, the light was produced which was quite dim and not that much brighter initially.

Consequently, the experiments were carried out and then in 1962; Nick Holonyak Jr. was able to produce the first noticeable spectrum LED light in red color which was quite an effective invisibility during the night but still ineffective during the day time. Since this greater achievement; Nick was known as ‘Father of the Light Emitting Diode.’ Later on, after the red LED, yellow colored LED was invented in 1972 by a student of Nick Holonyak Jr., named as M. George Craford. This yellow color produced much brighter light than the red LED.

Thus, LED technology progressed since then and more colors were introduced from time to time, and these came up as the new mode of the lighting system and were used in various applications like indoor and outdoor lighting. Moreover, manufacturers of LED bulbs, electrical devices and appliances started using this variety of colored LEDs in their production.